What is Active Deterrence?

Traditionally CCTV cameras are put up where they can be seen by intruders, but have you ever wished that the intruders could be informed that they are being watched?

Our Dahua Actuve Deterrence cameras offer just that, with visual & Audio warnings built into the cameras.

Active deterrence is to warn off intruders actively with white light and siren even before users are aware of the incidence. Once an intrusion is detected, the white light will turn on and the siren will buzzer to alert the intruder.

Benefits of Active Deterrence

False Alarm Filtering

After capturing the target within monitoring range, the camera filters out leaves, lights, pets and other irrelevant objects.


It can be enabled with just a single click with options for both human and vehicle, providing ease in configuration and setup..

Quick Target Search

Data about humans and vehicles can be extracted and classified from the video, allowing users to play back, review and retrieve data history.


With cost-effective and easy to configure solution, AI is no longer confined to the ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.


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