NAVIC™ is a South African company providing various tools and services in the provision of a security ecosystem for communities, business and government in the Security Industry.

National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud

What is NAVIC™?

The Navic.Cloud Ecosystem provides the necessary framework for the support of Security organisations to gain and act on relevant vehicle related data in real-time so as to fight crime.

Navic.Cloud is the CORE system in order to affect the above. Navic.Cloud is a secure and stable system tying the numerous functions, users, data and services together in order to provide an early warning, intelligence based investigations platform. More specifically Navic.Cloud integrates vehicle related metadata from ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, analyses and processes the data, and cross references this with user compiled VoI (Vehicles of Interest) and 3rd party (like SAPS circulation / Unicode / ICB) databases. Manual verification is performed through NAVIC™’s Alert Room software solution and provides human escalation services as per instructions in the vehicles Incident diary as is standard in SAPS systems.



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The latest AI ANPR camera with *NO NUMBER PLATE DETECTION* function, for ONLY R9,600.00 excl. VAT
*VALUED AT OVER R19,000.00 excl. VAT*
What's included:
Latest AI ANPR Camera (Valued at R11,999.00 excl. VAT)
Cloud activation fee (Valued at R600.00 excl. VAT)
1 Year licensing fee (Valued at R6,600.00 excl. VAT)
Offer link to a 24-month contract, with your first license fee payable on month 13.
*Limited stock available*
Offer ends end April 2021.
*Terms and Conditions apply*
Subject to registration and term agreement with NAVIC.
Excludes Installation, installation costs given on initial Site Visit.
Expected delivery time of camera to be two to four weeks.
Client to supply 220v & Stable internet connection.



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