A Safe City is a geographical area that uses digital technologies to enhance the quality of life and standard of living of its citizens through the management of its Security, Traffic Management, Public spaces, buildings and data centres. SMART Cities anticipate and mitigate current and future challenges by using the power of the all-pervasive communication networks, distributed wireless technology, and intelligent business management systems.
Safe Cities

Safe Cities rely on integrating and analysing massive amounts of data to address day-to-day issues. Data is leveraged to intelligently reroute traffic and reduce accidents, pinpoint crime hotspots and deploy resources accordingly to reduce crime, and to connect citizens.

Therefore, finding an efficient solution to control and manage these challenges is an important factor in the smooth running of a city. In view of this trend, Blackstorm Africa’s advanced safe city solution enables police, transportation authorities and other departments to deal with safety threats using less manpower but delivering a faster response. The end-to-end solution provides reliable cameras, an integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure cities are well guarded and efficiently run

Benefits of Safe School Solutions

Real Time Facial Recognition

Dahua IVSS goes beyond the ordinary NVR products. It is an Intelligent Video Surveillance Server combines video management functions with traditional video storage operations in one device. Besides the basic functions as network video recorder, IVSS is integrated with features such as face detection, face recognition for different business and industrial applications.
With build-in deep learning module, IVSS series products adopt video image structuring technology based on deep learning algorithms, achieving high-precision human face analysis, comparison, retrieval, storage, and management. By applying deep learning artificial intelligence, IVSS allow users to focus on what matters most, improve event response time and help make video actionable.

Command Centre Setup

Multi-service Video Management Platform
Multiple 46’’ Full-HD Video Wall Display Unit 
3 Tier Operator Stations for advanced Operation
48-HDD Enterprise Video Storage with Dual Controller

Solution Features

• Smart threat detection via Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition (LPR)
• Better coverage and more details with ultra-zoom and panoramic view
• Powerful target sensing with thermal detection
• Rapid emergency response with mobile enforcement and integrated management
• Effective crime investigation with the help of suspicious target search and path tracking.



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