The Serious and Violent Crime Division of BlackStorm Africa focuses on high priority crimes such as murder, rape and other serious and violent crimes. BSA offers support in securing crime scenes, witnesses, victim support, and assisting the SAPS with both overt and covert investigations when requested.

BSA responds to and supports the investigation of incidents such as business robbery, house robbery, car/truck-jacking, etc. which are inclusive of associated crimes such as murder and rape. There are many challenges in combating crime in South Africa and BSA continues to develop techniques to deal with new challenges to create a safe and secure environment for everyone. BSA strongly believes that it is turning the tide against crime and that, with the commitment of all detectives and the assistance of the community, this trend will continue in the years to come.

There are several diversified investigative components that comprise the Violent Crimes Division, they include:
•    Analytical Support:

There are 3 analysts assigned to the Violent Crimes Division from the Strategic Intelligence Division. The analysts provide analytical support for all violent crime’s investigations.


•    Crime Fighters:

We work closely with NPO’s, CPF and ERPC’s ( Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) to establish a trusted relationship and join our Technological advanced forces to curb crime and make South Africa a safer Place.


•    Technological Support:

With the most advanced technology available to our Team BSA is able to assist authorities in the apprehension and successful conviction of wanted criminals. We team up with the best of the best in the technology sector to provide an advanced technological era of Crime fighting.


Our goal, and the success of the BSA Serious Crimes unit can be measured by three elements: arrests, convictions in court and the reduction of crime in BSA operational areas. This is to be achieved through training, protocols, specialised community policing projects and response, surveillance and holistic crime prevention measures.



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