Whether you’re a healthcare provider, school, university or business, we understand that protection of your property, your people and your assets is a top priority. Which is why BSA has partnered with the world’s leading brands to offer you end-to-end business surveillance and access control solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. From IP range, thermal, and analogue CCTV cameras, to 24/7 365 indoor and outdoor monitoring and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), we provide the best comprehensive business surveillance solutions in Africa. Our wide range of physical and electronic access control solutions allow you to choose the right solution to effectively manage entry and access into your business. At BSA, we have Security System Specialists who will help you customise a cost-effective and integrated security solution, allowing you to sleep soundly at night, knowing you have the right protection for your business.
Surveillance Solutions

In today’s world, crime is always a concern. BSA’s Surveillance Solutions provide best-in-class surveillance hardware and monitoring solutions for total peace of mind. Our extensive range and options of surveillance solutions mean that no matter the size, existing infrastructure or budget, there is a perfect solution that’s right for your business.

Access Control Solutions

Knowing who comes and goes on your property is a fundamental concern of every business owner. Our Access Control Solutions offer you more reassurance with outstanding solutions ranging from simple identification cards and turnstile access, to high-end multi-authentication biometric solutions – allowing you to protect your premises, control access within your business, and monitor staff activity.



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