As BSA, we have a dedicated service and maintenance teams on call to our clients 24 hours a day. Our clients receive the benefit s of our support team ensuring immediate resolution of any possible scenario.
24 Hour Support

 More than 20 Well Equipped technical teams nationwide.
Scalable operational structures
A national call centre ready to assist our clients 24/7
Intelligent remote fault detection software
Fully equipped and certified repair centres
National preventative & corrective maintenance

Our Data Centre

Our Data centre is the brain of our operations where our BSA body connects.
Our team of experts understand the importance of maintaining not only the physical Data Centre  structure, but deploying the best technology and methodologies to ensure that our DC is always capacitated with enough storage capacity, processing power and distribution networks.

Our centralised Data Centre is based at the Vodacom DC in Midrand, South Africa

Research & Development

 Research and Development is inherently part of our BSA ethos and culture. Our internal R&D team continuously explores new ideas, trends and possibilities. “ Before we discard an idea, we research and test it”

Our BSA research and development team forms an integral support to all our BSA activities by :
Solving software development and maintenance challenges
Working with experts to create models for custom development projects
Assisting our clients to avoid future pitfalls
Acting as dedicated, long term mentors for our internal teams.

Our Team has years of experience and is highly skilled ensuring that as BSA we are equipped with the best industry foresight and knowledge to make effective development decisions.



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